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A licensed & certified healthcare reform expert can help save you thousands of dollars by making sure you're in the RIGHT plan for your particular situation and your individual budget.  We also make sure you're in compliance with your health plan, we monitor your account, respond to alerts & carrier requests and we assist with claims issues.  PLUS we can get you enrolled in less than 15 minutes!  Did we mention this service is FREE?

We Save You Time, MONEY & Frustration

​A friendly licensed and certified consultant will take the time to get to know you and your needs.  Then we will create your customized proposal within 24-48 business hours.  OR, If you're shy;  you can request a quick quote online without having to talk to anybody, it's up to you!  ​We offer simple to understand plans, an easy approval process, there are NO medical exams for health applications and NO hidden fee's!  Did we mention this service is FREE?  

Fast, Friendly & FREE Service
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Did you know there are 26,000 pages of health reform laws?  Did you know that there are plans available outside of the Affordable Care Act?  Choosing the wrong plan could cost you thousands of wasted dollars!  Talk to an expert; we have the education and experience necessary to provide you with all the proper guidance & support that you need to make an educated decision about your health care.  Did we mention this service is FREE?

Not All Health Plans Are Created Equal
No One Is Completely Immune To The Risks Of Everyday Life!

Whether your child wakes up with an earache or you suddenly experience acute pain due to a kidney stone or appendicitis.  Would you be able to support yourself or your family if you suddenly lost your job or you were diagnosed with cancer?  An unforeseen event can occur at anytime.  

Make sure you are protected at times when you will need it the most.  Look to our licensed and certified experts for valuable advice on the wide range of insurance products that are available on the market in your area.  Call us at 866-758-7229 for a free personal consultation. We can make this process simple, fast and believe it or not, enjoyable!

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Would you fill out complicated tax forms without professional help or go to court without appropriate representation?  OF COURSE NOT!  So why would you take on this complicated insurance world all on your own?  Trust the professionals at SafetyNet Insurance Group to advise you on which plan would be best for you and your unique situation.  We are licensed and certified experts in our field and we look forward to serving you for years to come.  All services are FAST, FRIENDLY & most services are FREE!  Click on any category below to learn more.

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Employer Benefits Solutions

Studies show you can attract and retain higher quality team members with employee benefit solutions.  SafetyNet Insurance Group can help!

Dental Coverage

Dental bills can be some of the highest expenses one can incur.   We offer plans for the budget minded individual and plans with all the bells and whistles! 

Critical Illness & Accident Plans

A very cost effective way to cover out of pocket expenses!  These two incidents cause 92% of all ER visits!   Add this to your health plan for "TOTAL protection".

Medical Discount Plans

Get more bang for your health care buck with a Medical Discount Plan!  These plans offer discounts for many services your health plan doesn't even cover.

Traditional Major Medical

This page offers valuable resources and information regarding the Affordable Care Act & Marketplace Plans.  It's time to  take the confusion out of health care!

Vision Plans

See the world around you by taking care of your eye health.  Eye exams should be part of your overall health and wellness.  We offer several different plans to chose from.

Long and Short Term Disability

25% of people working today will have a disability claim before age 65!  You already insure against far less odds like your car and home, lets insure your income!

Prescription Plans

We have true prescription insurance plans that offer co-pays!  We also offer several discount plans that can save you up to 86% on many medications.

Alternative Health Plans

If you don't have the need for expensive coverage, take a look at these MONEY SAVING Health Plan alternatives!  Our Clients are saving thousands a year!

Life Insurance

If someone relies on you or your income, YOU NEED LIFE INSURANCE!  This page offers the solutions you need to protect yourself & all of your loved ones.


Long Term Care & Home Health Plans

If you knew there was a 68% chance of something happening would you try to protect yourself?  If you answered yes,  it's time to learn more about this important coverage.

Dr.'s By Phone

No more waiting in line at the doctors office or hospital.  Talk to a provider from the comfort of your own home.  They can even write your RX!    Join this popular program today!

Welcome to Medicare

There's so much Medicare information out there; how do you know what's important?  Click here for simple to understand guidance & practical Medicare advice. 


Final Expense Plans


Don't leave a burden for your loved ones, leave a legacy!  There ARE options for those who are older or have some health issues.  Get this protection in place TODAY!

Health Matching Accounts

Stuck in a plan that doesn't cover anything?  This program will match and save your dollars which can be used to pay your deductible & other health expenses.

Membership Plans

Most of our services are free for our clients but there is a fee for our Marketplace services.    Be sure to talk with a representative before selecting a plan. 


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1.) You want to select a catastrophic health plan.
2.) You want to enroll members of your household in separate QHPs.​
3.) The plans offered here don’t offer pediatric dental coverage and you want to choose a QHP that covers pediatric dental services or a separate dental plan with pediatric coverage. Pediatric dental services are an essential health benefit.
SafetyNet Insurance Group offers the opportunity to enroll in either QHPs and off-Marketplace coverage. Please visit HealthCare.gov for information on the benefits of enrolling in a QHP. Off-Marketplace coverage is not eligible for the cost savings offered for coverage through the Marketplaces.
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