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The mission for us is simple, treat each and every person who reaches out to us by the Golden Rule, "do unto others as you would have done unto you".  Every senior we talk to becomes our Grandma, every young man we talk to is our son and every family is our family.  After all, we ARE parents and consumers too!  Our company motto is "Insurance with integrity, protection you can trust!"  and we ALWAYS keep that at the forefront of everything that we do.   

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The vision for SafetyNet Insurance Group and our clients is to consistently provide the highest quality products and services available on the market.  Healthcare is not one size fits all and we strive to uncover the needs of every individual and then find the perfect coverage for their unique needs at the lowest possible out of pocket cost.  We only offer products that are suitable and make sense for each individual situation.  

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To accomplish our stated mission we promise to never be pushy salespeople instead, we consider ourselves caring consultants who educate our clients and use our years of knowledge and experience to give you the advantage in this confusing new health care world.  We are determined to give each and every client the individual attention they deserve, appropriate recommendations, timely and friendly service and honest advice and guidance.  

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WELCOME & thank you for visiting us today!  My name is Tracy Cornett.  I've lived in Tucson Arizona since 2000 with my husband Cody, my son Logan, my daughter Kayla and my three beautiful Grand Daughters, Gloria, Bella and Halli.  I'm originally from the Midwest where I lived in Rochester Minnesota from 1971- 1991 and Des Moines Iowa from 1991-2000.   I've been working in the Life & Health Insurance field since 2003 and I earned an Associates of Science Degree in Medical Billing and Coding from Colorado Technical University in 2010.  I worked with the Arizona state Medicaid program for three years and I have owned and operated SafetyNet Insurance Group since 2011.  
We have an over 90% client retention rating because we believe in ALWAYS putting our clients needs FIRST!  Our business philosophy has always been to operate on biblical principles; specifically the "Golden Rule", "Do onto others as you'd have done unto you."  There's nothing more important than the health of you and your family so we take our role as trusted Advisors VERY seriously, after all, we are consumers and a parents too!  We are ALWAYS here for our clients, days, nights & weekends.  If you allow us to be your trusted Advisor, you will have our cell phone numbers and you will find that unless we are assisting someone else, we will answer your call or your email immediately.  We will take the time to get to know you first, then we will assist you with choosing the right coverage for your specific needs and lastly we will find that coverage at the lowest possible cost.  You will get to take advantage of our years of knowledge and experience with regard to little money saving tips and tricks; not to mention the education we can provide regarding specific laws, regulations and mandates that affect you and your family.  
Best of all, most of our services cost you nothing PLUS you will find us to be a breath of fresh air compared to some of those other high pressure sales people you've undoubtedly dealt with in the past.  We are warm, personable, friendly and knowledgeable consultants, NOT sales people!  Go ahead....give us a try!  You will be SO happy and relieved to have us on your side.  Remember, we work for you NOT the insurance companies!  Thank you in advance for your time, your trust and your business.  You will ALWAYS be our #1 priority!  ​

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