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Statistics show that you can attract higher quality employees and retain them longer when you offer group health insurance benefits.  We provide valuable resources and professional guidance and support for all of your group benefit needs.  Our knowledge and expertise in health insurance law, mandates and tax incentives combined with our passion for getting the best value for our clients, is what sets us apart from just your average insurance agency!

We are contracted with 50+ insurance carriers giving us access to plans many others can't offer and we are experts at customizing plan combinations for your specific group needs.  As a result,
you can expect a Health Plan that is rich in benefits, lower in price and strategically set up to take full advantage of all available tax incentives and credits.  You will also have access to a dedicated account manager who will assist and support you with anything that you need.  All of these services are completely FREE to you!

In an effort to provide the most accurate quotes for your group, please download the fillable census form by clicking the link in the orange box below.  Complete only the information that is required then come back to this page and click on the "upload your completed census" link to automatically send it to us or email your completed census form  We will reach out to you within 24-72 business hours.  If you need immediate assistance, have questions or would rather provide your information over the phone, please reach out to us at 866-758-7229.

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Employer Group Health Plan Funding Options


Fully Insured Plans

This would be a standard "group benefit plan" through a major medical carrier (example: Aetna, AM Better, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, Keiser, Scott & White, United Healthcare and many more).  Employers can contribute towards the employee premium or they can chose not to.  This would be the most expensive option since the insurance company assumes all the risk of the group.  Premiums are based on the age of the employee / spouse and dependents, type of work & zip code of your business.


Level Funded Plans

These type of plans are also offered through the major medical carriers but the group partially funds this plan itself.  In this case, the employer is assuming at least some of the risk and in return the monthly premiums for this plan type would be less expensive then Fully Insured Plans.  There are employer protections in place to ensure you would NOT suffer a catastrophic loss.  In other words,  employers would only be responsible up to a specified amount of risk.  (Recommended only for fairly healthy groups). 


Self Funded Plans 

These type of plans only require a "Third Party Administrator" (TPA) who will handle the premiums & claims for you because this plan is "self funded" by the employer.  In this case, the employer is assuming even more risk and in return the monthly premiums for this plan type would be less expensive then Level Funded Plans.  There are employer protections in place to ensure you would NOT suffer a catastrophic loss.  In other words,  employers would only be responsible up to a specified amount of risk.  (Recommended only for fairly healthy groups). 

Get a high level overview about how Fully Insured, Level Funded & Self Funded Plans work with these quick videos!

Association Plans

These plans are offered through various groups and associations.  They usually charge a fee in order to gain access to their health plans and sometimes the fee consumes the discounts offered on their plans but sometimes they don't.  They DO offer other benefits for being a member so it's worth looking in to.  The price of the plans depends on a lot of variables like zip code, age, family size and of course the association itself.  SafetyNet Insurance Group can not offer these plans.  You will need to do your research to find ones that are available to you in your area or industry.


Individual Plans

Did you know that employers with less than 50 employee's aren't required to provide coverage!  There are literally hundreds of different individual and family major medical health plans available on the market.  We can assist each individual person with finding the right plan for their needs and their budget.  This is the very best way to get each employee their very own customized coverage. 

Alternative Health Plans

If you're just starting out or you would like to offer your employee's some benefits but major medical is out of your price range, there are MANY other options!  Click here to see what other alternative plan types are available to your employees or reach out to us so that we can provide you with more information.

Employer Resources

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