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    Yearly exams can help uncover preventable diseases and diagnose conditions before they become expensive health problems.  Find out how affordable it can be to add this vital coverage to your wellness package!
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Dental Coverage

Dental bills can be some of the highest expenses one can incur.  It's bad enough having dental work done but having to pay a hefty bill makes it even worse.  We have many plans available through several carriers that can provide high quality oral care and help with these expenses!  We offer.

Dental Insurance and Dental Discount Plans

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Coverage For Orthodontics & Implants

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    vision Coverage

    Annual eye exams, should be part of your overall health and wellness program.  Eye exams can uncover much more than vision problems.  Your doctor is able to detect signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even brain tumors and other neurological issues.  Many people overlook this essential piece of their overall health.  Having an eye exam at least once a year is recommended by all medical professionals.  Get your exams FREE!

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    hearing Coverage

    Studies indicate that people with untreated hearing loss may be at an increased risk of depression.  Further, when these people use hearing aids, they experience significant improvements in their quality of life and a decrease in depressive symptoms.  Researchers found that after three months of using a hearing aid, all patients showed significant improvement in their psycho-social and cognitive conditions.  Don't miss out on those precious conversations with your loved ones, increase your quality of life today! 

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