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Are You Self Employed?

Studies show you can attract and retain higher quality team members with employee benefit solutions.  SafetyNet Insurance Group can help! We offer plans for businesses with 1- 50 employees.

Business Solutions

Looking for Medicare?

There's so much Medicare information out there; how do you know what's important?  Click here for simple to understand guidance & practical Medicare advice PLUS LOADS of resources just for beneficiaries!

Medicare Solutions

Dental, Vision & Hearing

These check-ups are an essential part of your overall health and wellness.  Annual exams can help prevent health problems and improve your quality of life!

Dental, Vision & Hearing

Travel Insurance

International travel can turn into a crisis if you're not prepared for an emergency.  Most assume they will be covered by their standard medical plan but...

Travel Coverage

Traditional Health Plans

This page offers valuable resources and information for individuals regarding the Affordable Care Act & Marketplace Plans.  It's time to  take the confusion out of health care!

Traditional Health Plans

Accident & Critical Illness

86% of all hospital visits are the result of an accidental injury or a critical illness!  Get cash so you can focus on your recovery instead of how you're going to pay your bills.

Accident & Illness

Life Insurance

If someone relies on you or your income, YOU NEED LIFE INSURANCE!  This page offers the solutions you need to protect yourself & all of your loved ones.

Life Insurance Protection

Teladoc Services

No more waiting in line at the doctor's office or hospital.  Talk to a provider from the comfort of your own home.  They can even send most straight to your pharmacy!

Teladoc Information

Alternative Health Plans

If you don't have the need for expensive coverage, take a look at these MONEY SAVING Health Plan alternatives!  Many clients are saving thousands a year!​

Alternative Health Plans

Disability Protection

25% of people working today will have a disability claim before age 65!  You already insure against far less odds like your car and home, lets insure your income!

Disability Protection

Final Expense

Don't leave a burden for your loved ones, leave a legacy!  There ARE options for those who are older or have some health issues.  Get this protection in place TODAY!

Final Expense

Prescription Plans

We have true prescription insurance plans that offer co-pays!  We also offer several discount plans that can save you up to 86% on many medications.

Prescription Programs