Customized to your individual needs


What it does?

Covers inpatient, outpatient and prescriptions.

Why it's needed?

AVG cost of injury: $9,992

AVG cost diabetes: $19,807 Yr.

AVG cost of Cancer: $147,000+ Yr.

Recommended For: Ages 0-64

AVG Cost for Coverage: 8.5% of annual income.


What it does?

Covers inpatient, outpatient and prescriptions.

Why it's needed?

AVG cost of injury: $9,992

AVG cost Diabetes: $19,807 yr.

AVG cost Cancer: $147,000+ yr.

Recommended For: All Medicare members

AVG Cost for Coverage: $174.70 - $350 Mo.


What it does?

Covers exams, procedures and prescriptions for oral and optical health.

Why it's needed? For every $1 spent on dental wellness, $3.00 is saved in future needs.

Recommended For: Ages 1+

AVG Cost for Coverage: Discount only $7 mo. insurance plans average $45/adult & $20/kids.


What it does?

Helps pay your deductible and other out of pocket expenses due to injury. This is your highest risk, especially for those with active lifestyles, athlete's and those with kids in the home.

Recommended For: Anyone concerned about having to meet a high deductible suddenly and all at once.

AVG Cost for Coverage:: $20 per mo per person for $5,000 coverage


What it does?

Pays a lump sum upon diagnosis of a critical illness.

Why it's needed?

You have almost a 50% chance of a cancer diagnosis and it will cost the average family $52K of their own savings due to loss of wages (avg recovery: 3-6 mo) and expenses insurance doesn't cover.

Recommended For: All 26+ without these funds readily available for use.

AVG Cost for Coverage: $42.28 mo for $50K (male, 45).


What it does?

Pays monthly cash benefits to cover loss of income due to a qualified illness or injury.

Why it's needed? You have a 25% chance of a disability before age 65 and this coverage insures your income so you can still pay your bills while you're out of work.

Recommended For: All who depend on "earned income" to meet their monthly obligations.

AVG Cost for Coverage:: 1.5% - 3% of annual income.


What it does?

Neither health insurance nor Medicare pay for LTC. The only way to pay for this is with your own funds, a LTC policy OR if you can qualify for Medicaid. Strict rules prevent you from transferring assets to someone else and Medicaid can come after your estate for reimbursement if they help pay your LTC bills. Annual cost of care is over $100,000.

Recommended For: Anyone 40+ with assets to protect.

AVG Cost for Coverage: $99-$999 per month.


What it does?

Pays a lump sum to the beneficiary, upon the death of the insured and pays a "living benefit" to the insured if diagnosed with a qualified illness or injury while still living.

Why it's needed?

You have a 100% chance of death and your loved ones will need 10X your annual income and approximately 10 years to recover from the death of a breadwinner.

Recommended For: EVERYONE- singles, couples, families, elderly, those with health issues and businesses

AVG Cost for Coverage:

Rented Life: $27 mo for $500K

Owned Life: $78 mo for $500K

(male, 45).


What it does?

Insures you don't run out of money in retirement.

Why it's needed? You'll need an average of 6 income streams upon retirement and you'll need to be earning about 75% of what you were earning when you retired. Social security is only designed to cover 33% of what you'll need.

Recommended For: Everyone 0+ and those needing to roll over from a previous employer.

AVG Cost for Coverage: Depends on how much you'd like to have in retirement and what age you begin saving. A full custom analysis is available upon request.


What it does?

These are reimbursement plans that pay YOU (not the provider) the specified cash benefit if you suffer a qualifying illness or injury. For example: Plan A will pay you $1,000 upon a hospital admission, $50 for a doctor visit, $75 for specialist visit and $25 per RX.

Recommended For: Members with health insurance or Medicare, concerned about still having out of pocket medical expenses.

AVG Cost for Coverage: $55 per mo


What it does?

Helps reimburse expenses caused by travel inconveniences like trip cancellation and lost luggage as well as medical emergencies & evacuation.

Why it's needed?

International travel can be VERY expensive. This coverage insures you don't lose your investment due to unforeseen circumstances. It also insures that you have medical coverage while you're there.

Recommended For: All members who travel internationally.

AVG Cost for Coverage: 5% - 10% of the cost of your trip


What it does?

Having a professional like me review your coverage each year is an essential part of your financial health. You could be over-insured, under-insured or just not have the right coverage all together. You could also be missing out on a new, better suited program.

Recommended For: All policyholders within 30 days of a major life event or minimum once per year.

AVG Cost for Review: Free